Window Genie Is Recognized By Homeowners Across America As Being A High-quality Window Cleaning Service That Offers Competitive Window Cleaning Prices

Window Genie Is Recognized By Homeowners Across America As Being A High-quality Window Cleaning Service That Offers Competitive Window Cleaning Prices

Window Genie is recognized by homeowners across America as being a high-quality window cleaning service that offers competitive window cleaning prices.
We stand out for more than our royal-purple GenieMobiles. Our reputation has been earned over the years, with lots of work done and thousands of pristine windows left behind us. Our motivated franchise owners helped us earn rave reviews, awards, and recognition in Entrepreneur's 2014 Franchise 500 rankings.

آموزش ساخت پنجره دوجدارهThese are only a select few of the reasons that you know you get your money's worth with our window cleaning prices. Read on to find out more about why Window Genie's cleaning cost outperforms the competition!
We do more than you expect for the price you paid.
Many window cleaning companies operate according to an up-selling service model. Though it is standard practice to scale the window cleaning cost to the amount of windows being cleaned at your home or business, up-selling services on the day of the appointment is not.

We do not believe in charging you more just because the job involves moving grids, curtains, or working in poor weather conditions. Once we calculate the number of windows and set your window cleaning cost, you know that is the exact price you have to pay. We are happy to manually move or work around any curtains or grids that may be in place.

While any help is appreciated, we can handle it at no extra charge. We also won't be discouraged by any weather, unlike some companies who will bump up their costs on rainy days and complain loudly about the difficult conditions.
We have better training, techniques, and equipment than our competitors.

Our competitive rates give you unparalleled access to the best training, cleaning techniques, and equipment in the industry! We use WG-57, our signature versatile cleaning solution, ensuring you a great and environmentally-friendly clean every time. This product's clinging foam eliminates any chances of outdoors spills that could harm the environment (though our eco-friendly formula won't!), or indoor spills that could stain. Additionally, this product has a dust and grime-repelling effect after application, so that your pristine clean will last even longer.

Window Genie's window cleaning prices also give you great value because you get access to our 3-step cleaning process. In addition to our soaping and squeegeeing, Window Genie window cleaning services also involve a window-scraping step. This lets us clean your window panes of any saps or stuck-on grime that standard cleaning can't handle.

Some companies offer this service for an extra fee, but Window Genie includes this important step in your window cleaning cost!
Window Genie counts windows fairly.
We believe in fairness and customer satisfaction. The best way to achieve both of these aims in our mind is to be completely transparent with our window counting protocol. You can learn exactly how we calculate your window cleaning price by viewing our counting process at website

Window Genie gives you big discounts.
Our Window Care program is another way we outperform the competition in a head-to-head value comparison. Our Window Care program is essentially a subscription style cleaning schedule so that you don't have to think about booking an appointment for another year. The more you clean your windows within a 12-month period, the more you save.

You can cut up to 30% off of your window cleaning cost!
Window Genie's window cleaning prices are competitive, but the true value that you get becomes obvious once you start to dig a little deeper. When you choose Window Genie over the competition, you get access to better cleaning techniques and equipment, and an opportunity to cut your window cleaning cost by nearly one third!

It isn't hard to see why Window Genie has quickly become America's commercial and residential window cleaning authority. To learn more about the Window Genie home maintenance service suite, or to book your window cleaning today, visit website Window Genie's Window Cleaning Prices Outperform the Competition

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